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Withdrawal of UAH to an IBAN account

What is an IBAN?

IBAN is an international bank account number. The IBAN number consists of the country code (two letters) and a set of account numbers.

The IBAN number of the Ukrainian account consists of 29 characters, for example: UA213223130000026007233566001.

UA – letter code of the country;

21 (two characters after the code) – control numbers;

322313 – MFI bank code;

00000 – zeros, which usually add up to 29 characters in the IBAN;

26007233566001 is the card account number. At some banks, the card account number may be longer than 14 digits (for example, 18). In this case, the number of zeros before the account number can be reduced to 1, so that the total number of digits (zeros + the account number itself) is 19.


Where can I find an IBAN account number?

You can find the IBAN number in online banking or on a bank statement. In online banking, it is enough to go to the card settings and check the "Card details".


How to withdraw UAH to an IBAN account?

In Any.Cash, after successful Identity verification (more details here), you can withdraw funds from the UAH balance to the IBAN account. For this you need to:

1) Go to the 💼Wallet section in @AnyCashBot → 📤Withdraw → Currency UAH → Balance UAH.

2) In the list of payment methods, select IBAN, enter the transfer amount and the account number to which you want to send or transfer funds. The IBAN account number must be entered fully: country code + set of digits. There should be a total of 29 characters.

3) Enter your TIN.

TIN (Tax Identification Number) or USREOU (Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine) is a digital code of the taxpayer. It consists of 10 unique digits.

The TIN number can be stored in digital form (for example, in online banking ("Card details" section), on an electronic bank statement or in applications for digital documents) and in printed form (on a piece of paper when receiving a code from the tax service).

4) Click ✅Send.

Funds will be credited to the IBAN account within 30 minutes.