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Verification in @AnyCashBot

What is verification?

Verification is a procedure for confirming your personal data. Simply put: verification is a check of your documents. It is needed in order to make sure that the owner of the wallet is a real person.


What exactly needs to be verified in @AnyCashBot?

The verification process in @AnyCashBot is simple - you only need to provide the following data:

1. Phone number. It must be confirmed immediately so that you have access to further features of the bot. After you press START (/start), you will see the πŸ“² Share phone number button at the bottom. Just press it. No further action is required; the number will be confirmed automatically.


2. Identity. In order to confirm your name select the πŸ’Ό Wallet β†’ 🚹 Limits and verification sections or the πŸ›  Settings β†’ 🚹 Limits and verification sections. Press the "Verify name" button. Next, the bot will prompt you to follow the link.

You need to upload several photos to the page:

- a photo of the document (passport, driver's license, ID card or residence permit).

❗️For citizens of Ukraine, the passport of the old model cannot be used for verification. In this case, you can confirm your identity with an international passport or ID card.


- a selfie with the uploaded earlier document in hand. Your face and the entire document must be clearly visible in the photo.


βœ… Users from Ukraine can also be verified using the Diia application (instruction in Ukrainian can be found here).


3. Address. Confirmation of the actual address is the last step in the verification of personal data. This check is available only after the identity check is complete.

In order to confirm your address also select the πŸ’Ό Wallet β†’ 🚹 Limits and verification sections or the πŸ›  Settings β†’ 🚹 Limits and verification sections. Press "Verify address", follow the link and upload the required documents.

One of the following documents can confirm your address:

- statement from the bank;

- a copy of the utility bill;

- a copy of the phone bill;

- a copy of the electricity bill.

A document confirming your place of residence must be no older than three months, containing your full name and home address. The document used for identity verification cannot be used for address verification.


Why do you need to confirm personal data?

Verification is required to ensure your account is protected on all levels. In addition to security, verification provides several other advantages:

- increased limits on the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies and fiat funds (per day);

- possibility to make deposits by card;

- possibility to withdraw funds to the card;

- possibility to withdraw EUR to the IBAN account;

- possibility to restore lost access.