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Withdrawal of EUR to an IBAN account

What is an IBAN?

IBAN is an international bank account number. The IBAN number consists of the country code (two letters) and a set of account numbers. In some countries, the IBAN number may have additional letters apart from the country code.

Example 1: IBAN number of an Austrian account - AT611904300234573201 → the number consists of the country code (AT) and a set of numbers;

Example 2: IBAN number of a British account - GB29NWBK60161331926819 → the number consists of the country code (GB) and a set of numbers and letters.

The length of the IBAN number is different for each country. The number can consist of 15 and up to 35 characters.


Where can I find an IBAN account number?

You can find the IBAN number in online banking or on a bank statement. In online banking, it is enough to go to the card settings and check the "Card details".


How to withdraw EUR to an IBAN account?

In Any.Cash, after successful Identity verification (more details here), it is possible to withdraw funds from the EUR balance to the IBAN accounts of persons in SEPA countries. In order to issue a payment to an IBAN account, it is enough to go to the 💼Wallet section and select 📤Withdraw → Currency EUR → Balance EUR. In the list of payment methods, select IBAN, enter the transfer amount and the account number to which you want to send or transfer funds. The IBAN account number must be entered fully: country code + set of digits.

The minimum and maximum amount for transferring of funds corresponds to the daily limits of the wallet. Limits can be viewed in 🛠Settings → 🚹Limits and verification or 💼Wallet → 🚹Limits and verification.


How fast can the IBAN EUR be processed?

EUR transfers to IBAN accounts are processed on weekdays and according to the bank schedule. If you create a transfer request late on Friday evening or on a weekend, you will need to wait until Monday to finalize the IBAN status of the transaction.

The full cycle of transferring and crediting funds to the account takes up to 24 hours.


What if I withdraw EUR from Any.Cash, but the currency of the IBAN account is different (for example, the local currency of the country)?

The only currency for transactions to the accounts of persons in SEPA countries is EUR, regardless of the country in which the sender and recipient are located. If the country is part of the SEPA zone, but has its own currency (for example, British pound or Polish zloty), banks offer to convert the national currency into EUR or vice versa. Such a conversion service is not part of the transfer, so the bank may charge an additional fee for its completion. Therefore, it is recommended to open a EUR account in case of need for regular transfers.