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What is @AnyCashBot?

@AnyCashBot is the first automated digital wallet on Telegram. The Any.Cash service was created for the most comfortable management of your finances.
Simplicity, speed, and reliability are our priorities, which is why we chose Telegram, which is available for any gadget.

What can Any.Cash do?

When creating a wallet, we give 9 balances at your disposal:

- Fiat: USD, EUR, UAH, KZT;

- Crypto: BTC, ETH, USDT (ERC20/TRC20), LTC, TRX.

Each of the balances can be:

- replenished;

- withdrew;

- instantly transferred to other Any.Cash users;

- exchanged.

How to get started with @AnyCashBot?​​

Everything is too simple!

1. Follow the link

2. Press START

Voila! The world of finance is now a little closer.

After starting, the following sections become available to you:

💼 Wallet. In this section, you can find your wallet number (ID), view your balance, top up your account, and withdraw or send funds.

📊 Exchange. This section allows you to convert internal balances (buy/sell).

🛠 Settings. In this section, you can choose your preferred language and change the security settings.

🔎 Info. This section gives you access to support, a news channel, and information about the affiliate and bonus program.

Hurry up and click on the link above and get started with @AnyCashBot.

And remember: your finances are protected 24/7!

What if there is no Telegram?

For those who do not use Telegram, the Any.Cash service is available on the web 😉