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USDT (ERC20) transaction search on the network

Transaction search on the network happens with the help of blockchain explorers. Blockchain explorers are services (platforms) for searching and checking all transactions on the network of one or another cryptoasset. They provide information regarding transactions, addresses, etc. Since cryptocurrency transfers are publicly available, it is very easy to find them.


You can find a transaction on the network using:

- sender address / recipient address.


If you are trying to find a transaction using the sender / recipient address, you will also need to know the date, time, and amount of the transfer to identify it.


- transaction hash (for details, see Transaction hash and confirmation).


How to find a USDT (ERC20) transaction on the network?

The USDT stablecoin runs on various blockchains, one of which is Ethereum (ERC20). You can find a USDT (ERC20) transaction on the Ethereum network using such blockchain explorers as:



- USDT Explorer.


For example, let's take the blockchain explorer and go through the process of how exactly to search for a USDT (ERC20) transaction in the Ethereum network.


1. Go to the website and paste the address of the sender / recipient or the hash of the transaction into the search bar.

If you use the hash of the transaction for searching, then in this case you will immediately get to the page of the required transfer, since the hash is a unique identifier of the transaction.


2. After that, there will be displayed the general information about the sender / receiver by the search address.


3. Scroll down and find the Transactions section. Go to the Token Transfers (ERC20) section and find the desired transaction in the general list of transfers.

4. Next, you can either look through the general data of the transaction, or click on the transfer ID, and view advanced information.


⚠️ Please note that with USDT (ERC20) in the Ethereum network, a transaction is considered successful not when the transaction status is successful (Success / Confirmed), but when the block receives the "finalized" status ( ✅ Finalized).


How to know that the transaction was successful?

1. Go to the page with advanced information about the transaction.


2. Find the Block part and click on the block number to view the details.

3. On the new page, opposite the Status part, there will be a mark ✅ Finalized, if the status of the block has been finalized. In this case, the transaction is considered successful.

If there is an ⌛ Unfinalized mark, then the transfer is still in the process.