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Transaction search on the BTC network

Each transaction that passes through the blockchain is publicly available. Thanks to blockchain explorers, you have the ability to track any cryptoasset transfers. Blockchain explorers are services (platforms) for searching and checking all transactions on the network of one or another cryptoasset. They provide information regarding transactions, addresses, etc.


You can find a transaction on the BTC network using such services as:



- BlockCypher;

- Blockchair;

- CoinMarketCap Explorer;


- OKLink.


You can identify the transaction on the network using:

- sender address or recipient address.

If you are trying to find a transaction using the address of the sender / recipient on the BTC network, then you have to choose the BTC blockchain (if the blockchain explorer offers to choose either ВТС or ВСН), and when searching for a transaction in the list, pay attention to the date, time and amount of the transfer.


- transaction ID (a.k.a. hash, TxID, Transaction hash - see Transaction hash and confirmation).


How to find a transaction on the BTC network?

With the help of blockchain explorers (e.g., you can easily find your transaction on the BTC network.

In order to do so you need to:

1) Go to

2) Paste the address of the sender / recipient into the search bar and choose the BTC blockchain or immediately paste the transaction hash.

For searching, we recommend using the hash of the transfer, as it is a unique identifier and will help you immediately find a specific transaction.

3) Next, you can either look through the general data of the transaction, or click on the transfer ID, and view advanced information.