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Referral program at @AnyCashBot

In Any.Cash, you have the opportunity to invite new users and receive a bonus (or profit) for this. Your profit is a percentage of the service's income for operations with fiat funds, which are carried out by clients you have invited, that is, referrals.

Users can be invited by:

1. You.

2. Your referrals (i.e. clients you have invited earlier).


To invite new users, you need to create a referral link (and promo code*) and pass it on to other customers. They, in turn, follow this link and start working with Any.Cash. Referral links have an unlimited expiration date and have no limit on the number of people you can invite.


*The referral link is generated together with the promo code, so it will be enough to send either the link or the promo code for the invitation. For more details, see below ↓ How to create a referral link?.


Referral levels (of invited customers)

All customers you bring in directly become referrals of the 1st level. The customers your referrals have brought in are referrals of the 2nd level or sub-referrals.

For 1st level referral transactions, you get 60% of the system's profit. For 2nd level referral operations, you are credited with 40% of the system's profit. The bonus is automatically credited to the account of the currency in which the referral makes the transaction.


How to create a referral link?

In @AnyCashBot, the referral link is created together with the promo code. The link and promo code are linked. Your potential referral can either follow the link and start using the bot, or enter a promo code in their wallet (InfoEnter promo code).


To create a link with a promotional code, you need:

1. Open @AnyCashBot.

2. Go to the 🔎 Info section → 💸 Affiliate programPromo codes.

3. Click Create promo code.

4. Enter the name of the campaign (you may enter any name you want).

Your promo code and link have been successfully created!


You can create any number of links with promo codes and track overall invitation statistics as well as statistics for each individual campaign.


In order to check the general statistics, just go to 🔎 Info → 💸 Affiliate programStatistics. Here you can view the information about your current level, total number of customers engaged, total amount of your referrals deposits, as well as number of deposits of 1st and 2nd levels of referrals (separately).


In order to check the statistics of each individual campaign, you need to go to 🔎 InfoPromo codesMy promo codes and select the name of the campaign statistics of which you want to view. There you can find:

- URL;

- promo code;

- total number of users engaged;

- number of operations;

- how many points have been accumulated (the total balance of your funds, converted to USD);

- and how much money was earned (in separate currencies).

If you no longer need this or that link, you can delete it. Go to 🔎 InfoPromo codesMy promo codes → select the name of the campaign and click Delete promo code below.