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P2P transfers

What are P2P transfers?

P2P transfers (also peer-to-peer or person-to-person transactions) is a technology for transferring payments from the card of one physical person to the card of another one without the involvement of a third party. "Third party" means any financial institution.

P2P technology enables cardholders from different banks and/or different payment systems to seamlessly send funds to each other. P2P transactions are used to transfer fiat (deposits / withdrawals).

In Any.Cash, you can use P2P technology in order to:

- make a deposit to the Any.Cash wallet via UAH and KZT cards (see Deposits via UAH and KZT cards);

- withdraw funds from the wallet to UAH and KZT cards (see How to withdraw funds? in Personal wallet in @AnyCashBot).

P2P transfer limits

Bank transaction limits are fixed by the issuing bank (the bank that issued and services the card). Banks often block the possibility of carrying out further operations when the limit for deposits / withdrawal of funds is reached.

You can check the current information on card limits and fees with representatives of your bank.

You can view the current information on commissions of a particular currency in the 🔎 Info section → 🗳 FeesDeposit / Withdrawal in @AnyCashBot.