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Limits and verification

Depending on the level of Any.Cash account verification, the following options are available:

You can check the level of your @AnyCashBot account in the menu 🛠 Settings → 🚹 Limits and verification

It also displays the generally available daily limit for your level and the withdrawal balances for fiat and crypto.

To raise the level of the account to ✅ Full name confirmed (or identity verification), press ⏺ Full name not confirmed in the same section and the bot will direct you to the verification page with the step-by-step instructions. Just follow it.

After we have received the necessary data from you, the system automatically processes the application and the result will be ready within a few minutes. But, if you need help or something doesn't work, just write to us at @AnyCashRoBot or, specifying your wallet ID 😉

Each level is available for application only if the previous step is completed (that is, without a confirmed phone number, Any.Cash will not skip to full name confirmation).