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How to make a P2P transfer to Binance via Any.Cash?

For those who respond to the ad:

1. Go to "P2P Trading";

2. Select "Buy";

3. Choose Any.Cash in the payment methods;

4. Choose the desired ad;

5. Enter the amount, click "Buy" and then "Make payment";

6. Open the Any.Cash bot;

7. Click "Start" and confirm the payment;

8. Done.

For merchants:

1. Enter the Any.Cash bot and go to the API settings;

2. Select "Create key" and enter the name of the key;

3. The key is created. Do not click “Done” until you enter “Key” and “Secret” in Binance;

4. Go to Binance and add a new payment method — Any.Cash;

5. Enter "Key" and "Secret" and click "Confirm";

6. Create an ad after confirmation;

7. Receive a message in the Any.Cash bot about the transaction.