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Any.Cash code

What is Any.Cash code?

Any.Cash code is a tool for transferring assets between Any.Cash user accounts. The code also allows you to transfer or store any of the assets available on your balance outside of Any.Cash.

Example of generated code:


- ACUSD - Code and Currency System Identifier, where AC is Any.Cash and USD is the currency. The currency indicator changes depending on the selected asset balance.

- 570965 – application number in the system;

- TJ8HJcnz2giP38D1bAMNhgix7 – the code itself. It is unique and consists of encrypted data in which any amount can be "put".

The generated code has no expiration date. Once created, it can be used even after an unlimited period of time. But the number of activations for one code is 1.

There is no minimum amount for creating a code.

The maximum amount for code creation is limited only by daily limits and/or asset balance.

How to generate a code in @AnyCashBot and send funds?

1) Go to 💼WalletSend to Any.Cash user;

2) Choose the currency and enter the amount you want to send;

3) Click Generate code;

4) Check if the entered data is correct and click ✔️Create code.

You have successfully generated the code! It can be sent using any messenger you like, but you can use it (i.e. redeem it) only in the Any.Cash system.

How to use (redeem) Any.Cash code?

If you received the generated Any.Cash code from another user, then it is enough to:

1) Go to the 💼Wallet section in @AnyCashBot → 📥DepositEnable code;

2) Enter your code;

3) Check if the entered data is correct and click Redeem code.

You have successfully redeemed the Any.Cash code and received a transfer from another user!