Withdrawals to EUR Visa/MC cards by card number

April 17, 2023

Any.Cash offers its customers a new feature - instant withdrawal of euros directly to Visa or MC by card number. In addition to this, you can also withdraw cryptocurrency in EUR. The platform will automatically convert your cryptocurrency into euros at a favorable rate and transfer it to your card, just create a withdrawal request. The whole process is very fast and safe.


Advantages of the new EUR card withdrawal

1. Fast processing time.

Withdrawing funds to the card is lightning fast compared to traditional bank transfers (for example, IBAN or cash withdrawal). Your funds will be credited to the card within a few minutes.


2. Low fees.

Everyone knows that bank fees can grow and bring discomfort if you often withdraw funds. In Any.Cash, when withdrawing euros to a card, the fees are much lower – 2% + 2 EUR. This will help you keep more money when you transfer and save it in the long run.


How to withdraw EUR to a Visa/MC card by its number in Any.Cash?

Thanks to the easy to use Any.Cash bot, the whole process takes less than a minute. 


Step-by-step instructions for withdrawing EUR to the card:

1) Go to the 💼 Wallet section in Any.Cash → 📥 Send.

2) Select the currency and balance from which you wish to withdraw.

3) Select withdrawal method → Visa/MC.

4) Enter the amount you want to receive.

5) Enter your EUR card number and confirm the transaction.


Restrictions by countries

The EUR withdrawal function to the Visa/MC cards is available to all countries, except those indicated in the list.



Withdrawing euros to a card is a great option for saving both time and money. You have the opportunity to enjoy the flexibility, convenience and speed of the new function, as well as the ability to transfer any available cryptoasset to the card without unnecessary exchanges. Don't wait until tomorrow if you can withdraw today, and go to Any.Cash asap. Be the first to experience the benefits of the new feature!